Interviews/Oral Histories

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Barb Halcomb discusses the various roles she played at the Portsmouth plant as well as her feelings toward the site. (2012)
Bob Anderson discusses his career at PORTS and the beginning of the Environmental Control Department. (2012)
Bob Anderson discusses the Environmental Department's reponse to the Cylinder Drop and Release of 1978. (2012)
Bob Anderson discusses the various regualtors at the site and the relationship between them and the other agencies (DOE, Goodyear, etc.). (2012)
Buck Sheward discusses how the safety culture at PORTS has changed over the years. (2010)
Buck Sheward talks about the significance of the plant to the local community. (2010)
John Steward on the size of the facilities and equipment at PORTS. (2010)
John Steward reveals his favorite memory from his time at the plant and discusses the answer in detail. (2010)
John Steward talks about hiring in and about the plant's apprenticeship program. (2010)
Ken Tomko discusses the safety procautions inside the plant's process buildings. (2010)
Ken Tomko talks about some his personal contributions that he felt highlighted his career at PORTS. (2010)
Ken Tomko talks about handling confidential information, security training and infractions. (2010)
Lifetime resident, Sharon Manson, talks her school experience during plant construction. (2011)
Sharon Manson remembers the challenges of housing for site construction workers. (2011)
Sharon Manson tells how she feels about the plant's impact on the local community overall. (2011)
Pike Co Historian Jim Henry discusses the impact plant construction had on both his family and the local community. (circa 2012)
Ralph Nolfi talks about the cancellation of the Add-On and accouncement of GCEP. (2010)
Ralph Wilcoxon describes some of the operations of the X-710 Analytical Laboratories. (2010)
Ralph Wilcoxon discusses plan changes in the 1970s when the site considered CIPCUP and a GDP Add-On before starting GCEP. (2010)
Ralph Wilcoxon discusses the legacy left behind by his career at the plant. (2010)
Ralph Wilcoxon discusses the operations in the X-705 Decontamination Facility. (2010)
Ralph Wilcoxon talks about what he liked the most about working at PORTS. (2010)
Edna Brackey talks about the 'new' X-100 Administrative Building. (2010)
Bill Flanagan recalls his one of his favorite work locations at the PORTS site. (2010)
Virginia (Ginnie) Wagner discusses the variety of services offered by the plantsite hospital (2013)
Virginia (Ginnie) Wagner discusses the difference between working as a nurse onsite and working as a nurse anywhere else (2013)
Patricia Payne discusses the purposes and benefits of an onsite cafe (circa 2012)
Patricia Payne talks about the cafe serving as a social hub for employees at lunch time (circa 2012)
Billy Spencer, Plant Security Officer, Talks About the Security Portals at the X-326 (2010)
Russ Thompson talks about the start-up of the first cell and sequential cells (2010)
Josie Blackmon talks about her experience working in the X-330 Process Building (2010)
Bill Landrum, Former Process Operator, Talks About the Process of Units Going Onstream in X-333 while Others Were Still Under Construction (2010)
Bill Kelly, Former General Foreman, Talks About the X-342 Feed Operations (2010)
Bill Landrum discusses the X-342 feed operations being relocated to the new X-343 Feed Facility (2010)
Norb Vulgamore discusses the massive power needs of the plant which was handled by the X-533 and X-530 Switchyards (2010)
Paul Kreitz, Project Manager talking about the X-770 demolition (2012)
Bill Flanagan, Retired Security Guard, Talks About the Economic Effect of the Plant in Scioto County. (2010)
Constance Eckhart, First Female Supervisor, Talks About the Plant's Impact Beyond Jobs and Economic Factors. (2010)
Tony Saraceno, Former Plant Chemist, Shares his Opinions About the Effect the Site had on Local Communities. (2010)
Dan Minter discuss the improvement in labor relations over the years at the site. (2011)
Fran Francis talks about Pike Country during constructions, the impact of the plant to her own business and Bristol Village. (2011)

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