X-230J2 South Environmental Sample Station

The X-230J2 South Environmental Sample Station houses instrumentation for use in the monitoring of the X-230K South Holding Pond effluent for environmental compliance, which requires regular monitoring and sampling of water and air at PORTS. In addition, the station has equipment to support ambient air monitoring.

DOE installed the station in 1968 to monitor for compliance with air and water quality standards set forth in new environmental regulations, such as the 1963 Clean Air Act, the 1965 National Emissions Standards Act, and the 1965 Water Quality Act. PORTS was a part of the U.S. Cold War nuclear weapons complex. PORTS’ primary Cold War era mission was the production of highly enriched uranium by the gaseous diffusion process for defense/military purposes.


Completed in 1968



Building Size

100 sq. ft.

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