X-333 Process Building

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The Site of the X-333 Process Building on August 13, 1953
X-333 foundations looking NE taken on November 17, 1953
November 17, 1953 construction was underway. Shown here are the foundations, looking northeast.
View of cell floor unit 33-3 in X-333 Process Building. As units were finished they were placed "on-stream."
X-333 on September 15, 1954
X-333 view of the cell floor on October 19, 1954
X-333 Unit X-33-3 on May 13, 1955
X-333 Process Building on May 16, 1955
Facility Aerial Photo
Each process unit has its own lubricating oil system, which provides a continuous supply of oil for motor and compressor bearings. From the bearings the lubricant flows into a drain tank on the operating floor.
360°F view of the second floor of the X-333 in 2010
A coolant drain, recovery, and transfer station, used to serve the cell cooling systems, are located on the ground floor of the X-333. The system included these two 11,000-gal storage tanks.
X-333 Air Filter Room
X-333 Maintenance Shops

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