X-344A Feed Manufacturing Facility (1952-1962)

X-344A UF6 Sampling (1975-Current)

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Groundbreaking at the X-344A Feed Facility
Foundation underway for the X-344A in April of 1956
Reactor Pit Construction at the X-344A Feed Facility on April 23, 1956
X-344A Feed Plant construction on May 16, 1956
X-344A Feed Plant construction on May 17, 1956 looking SW across Reactor Pit
Photo taken during a 1983 visit to the X-344A by a Japanese customer
Cylinder Stradle Carriers at the X-344A
Hazardous Waste Storage Area in the X-344A
Overhead cranes used for moving cylinders in the X-344A were controlled by remote control.
X-344A Exterior (2010)
X-344A Liquid UF6 Cooling Area (2010)
X-344A Monitoring Station (2010)

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