X-612 Elevated Water Tank

The X-612 Elevated Water Tank is a sanitary water storage and head tank that provides a source of water for the Sanitary Fire Water system which services the plant for all except the process buildings and the X-343 building. The X-612 Elevated Water Tank stands at 170' above a below ground concrete foundation and has a capacity of 250,000 gallons. Due to its height above the surrounding terrain, the X-612 Water Tank is visible for miles around PORTS and has been a visual landmark of the presence of PORTS and its historic mission. This structure is part of PORTS, which was a part of the U.S. Cold War nuclear weapons complex. PORTS’ primary Cold War era mission was the production of highly enriched uranium by the gaseous diffusion process for defense/military purposes.


Completed in 1953



Building Size

200 feet tall, 250,000-gallon volume

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