X-700 Converter Shop and Chemical Cleaning Facility

The building is divided into two main sections. The east section is the cleaning area; the west section houses the converter shop, which is divided into three subsections: the north half, the south half, and the west addition. The converter shop is designed to perform maintenance on, and has provisions for testing and inspecting converters and coolers.

The location of the shop provided easy access to cleaning and stabilizing facilities. The extension to the west side of this building was used for converter stabilization. Offices for the foreman and inspectors were located on a mezzanine floor. A separate building adjacent to the converter shop housed the air-conditioning equipment for the shop.

In the south half of the X-700 Facility, the maintenance operations included cooler maintenance, inlet and outlet head cutting, spherical transition preparation, spool building, shell opening, and shell modification. Most of the welding operations were performed in this area.


Completed in 1954

Building Size

104,000 sq.ft.

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