X-101 Dispensary Building (Hospital)

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Eugene J. Smith and another employee work together in the ward of the X-101 Hospital in the 1950s
Looking east at the X-100 Building at the top and the hospital below, December 15, 1953
Hospital is host to a blood drive in the early 1950s
Interior view of X-101 on February 16, 1954
J.A. Kemp, Don Petit and Lucile Stanley treat patients in the treatment room of the X-101. (March 12, 1954)
Medical Technician Jean Scurlock x-rays T.E. Broyles at the X-101. (March 12, 1954)
Interior view of X-101 on March 17, 1954
Looking inside its early stages, the X-101 on April 1954
Trying to complete the interior of the X-101. (April 15, 1954)
Interior view of X-101 on May 14, 1954
Interior view of X-101 on June 16, 1954
The hospital waiting room under construction on August 16, 1954
Anabelle Sigmund takes patient’s blood pressure in 1954
Nurse Helen Lewis sprays patient’s throat in 1954
Sign hanging in the facility hospital in 1954
Head nurse Helen Lewis and Medical Director Dr. Johnson, 1950s
Helen Lewis' retirement party with Dr. Johnson and Dr. Lehman, 1950s
Helen Lewis' Retirement Party, 1950s
Nurse Helen Lewis' Retirement Party, 1950s
Employees were encouraged to contribute to nurse Helen Lewis' retirement fund to give her a taste of her own healing remedies
Ruth Cook, Helen Lewis, and Edna Rouff bring holiday cheer to the X-101 building
Sign found on an accident carrier used to hold contaminated employees while they were being treated by the medical staff
Dr. Edward Henson, 1983
Dr. Edward Henson, sitting, celebrated his retirement in 1983 with fellow doctors Dr. Daniel Schlie, Dr. Phillip Mulder and Dr. George Spears
1988 - Ginnie Wagner takes the vitals of a patient during a training course in the X-101 ER
Ginnie Wagner and Helen Jordan participate in a training at the X-102 in 1988
Norma Winger, Director of Nurses Retirement Party – 1988
A mobile mammogram unit from the Southern Ohio Medical Center offered services on Plant site October 1993
Nurses’ Week May 6-12, 1996. Pictured are Recca Ball, Ginnie Wagner, Jewell Collins, Judy Bernthold and Carol Allen
Plant nurses Ginnie Wagner and Helen Jordan are in the X-101 ER training for a mock school bus crash
Carol Allen's, RN (seated) Retirement Party, with Dr. Walter Lyon and Debbie Barch, June 1997
Medical staff gathered to celebrate the retirement of Carol Allen, RN, 1997
TLDs distributed in the dosimetry center for a while in 2011
This lab was used to fulfill doctors' lab orders. Blood work was sent off plant site for results
The X-101 mascot.; a member of the medical team for as long as some can remember
The X-101 maintained its own Optometry department. Employees with an eyeglass prescription were fitted for safety glasses
The hospital x-ray machine produced quality films
The east hallway in the hospital looking north
The adjoining audiometry testing center and office - Audio tests were given during yearly physicals and upon an employee exiting their job
Prescription safety glasses were distributed from the Optometry Lab in the medical facility
One of seven standard examination rooms in the hospital
Looking at the southwest corner of the X-101 Building
Jewell Collins, RN, in the hospital reception area
In 2011, the X-101 housed the Dosimetry Center to issue employee TLDs
Employee medical records were stored securely
Employee audio tests were administered in the audiometry department located in the hospital
Dr. Appleton in an examination room
Doctors and nurses had a variety of stethoscopes available to them for patient examinations
An overall view of the south side of the X-101 Building
An anatomy flipchart in the examination room was one illustration tool used by doctors
A Snellen chart was utilized in a physical exam to test employee eyesight

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