X-102 Cafeteria

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Looking northeast at the site of the cafeteria on August 12, 1953
A view of the cafeteria site from the northwest on September 15, 1953
Looking northwest at the site of the X-102 October 14, 1953
A southeast view of the X-102 (November 11, 1953)
Looking northeast at the X-102 on November 13, 1953
Early stages of interior construction December 15, 1953
The cafeteria from the inside - January 15, 1954
A very rough interior of the X-102; the beginning stage of the kitchen area - February 16, 1954
Inside the cafeteria - March 17, 1954
An interior view of the cafeteria under construction - April 15, 1954
An interior view shows the cafeteria closer to completion - May 14, 1954
Concrete work on the floor of the interior of the X-102 - July 16, 1954
Interior view of X-102 - August 13, 1954
The dining area of the cafeteria being built on September 15, 1954
Looking southeast at the X-102 on December 20, 1954
The chief cook operates a new coffee maker in 1954
Lunch hour in the early 50's
Employees of the '50s are tempted by the dessert case
Cafe employees in the early '50s
Blood drives held in the X-102 provided employees the chance to save someone's life by donating blood to the American Red Cross
The dining room was also used for other activities such as guest speakers (like former Govenor Ted Strickland in this photos), blood drives, and other events
Cafe employees in 1996
Aerial view of the X-102 Cafeteria
View of the southside of the X-102 facility
Looking northwest at the exterior of the X-102 Cafeteria
Looking at the north side of the building which served as the receiving area for the cafe
Entering X-102 through the doors on the east side of the building on February 1, 2011
The dining room prior to lunch hour
Looking west into the kitchen
Placing your order
You want fries with that?
Paying for the order
Dish washing station
A look into the walk-in freezer
Pots and pans
Employees dining during their lunch hour
Wall on the east side of the cafe served as an excellent location to display awards and announcements

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