X-326 Process Building

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X-326 construction on August 27, 1953
The concrete under X-326 Area Control Room was Poured on September 11, 1953
Looking across the site of the X-326 on September 17, 1953
Looking east showing activities on X-326 Area Control Room #4 on September 23, 1953
X-326 Process Building showing Control Room #4 on September 23, 1953
First steel erected on the X-326 Process Building on October 9, 1953
X-326 steel structure on November 17, 1953
X-326 Process Buildings looking North along Track Alley on November 17, 1953
View of the purge and product area in the X-326 Process Building on December 13, 1954
View of Dry Air Station X-326 Process Building on December 13, 1954
X-326 on November 17, 1955 approximately three months before construction and complete turnover were completed
Facility aerial photo
Hot liquid cylinders could be relocated to the cooling area just outside the X-326 before they were transported
Limited cylinder storage was provided in the high assay product withdrawal facility.

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