X-326 Process Building

The X-326 enriched uranium for use in the U.S. nuclear defense program. Construction of the X-326 began in 1952. The final unit was completed and turned over on February 3, 1956. Cascade flow from the X-330 enters the building at the northeast corner and is directed into the first cell in unit X-27-l. The X-326 was the last of the three process buildings to be entirely completed and released to the Atomic Energy Commission.

In addition to enrichment and purge operations, the X-326 was the primary facility onsite for product withdrawal. (The original plant design was based on a need for highly enriched UF6, and the primary withdrawal high assay withdrawal facility was located in the southwest corner of the X-326, on the ground floor). Gradually, however, the site’s mission and purpose moved from weapons grade material to nuclear reactor material which was in the 2 to 4.95% enrichment range. Two facilities were provided to withdrawal those materials: the Extended Range Production (ERP) station, which was located in the northeast corner of Building X-326, and the low-assay withdrawal station (LAW) located in the west central section of the X-333.


Completed in 1956

Building Size

Approximately 2.5M sq. ft. of floor space on two floors

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