X-330 Process Building

The X-330 was the first of the three process buildings to be entirely completed and released to the Atomic Energy Commission. Construction of the X-330 began in 1952. The final unit was completed and turned over on July 14, 1955. The equipment in the X-330 was similar to that of the X-333 except for necessary size and capacity changes to service the installed process equipment. The facility housed six units of X-29 or 0-size equipment (600 stages) and 5 units of X-31 or 00-size equipment (500 stages). In addition to uranium enrichment, the X-330 offered other auxiliary services such as the tails withdraw facility, cold-recovery system, interim purge facility, nitrogen plant, air compressors supporting the plant air system, maintenance shops, and administrative offices.


Completed in 1955

Building Size

Approximately 2.4M sq. ft. of floor space on two floors

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