X-330 Process Building

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Pre-construction look at the area where the X-330 would be constructed - Circa 1953.
Gradell in operation on column footings at the X-330 on April 17, 1953
The X-330 building during construction.
X-330 process bay under construction
View of the instrumentation from the east site of the X-330 Process Building looking west.
Structural steel in the X-330
Progress at the X-330 as of August 14, 1953
Ground floor of the X-330 on August 14, 1953
X-330 construction on August 17, 1953
X-330 Process Building looking west down Instrumentation Tunnel #5 on August 20, 1953
X-330 Process Building on September 15, 1953
In October, 1953 the first compressor motor was installed in the X-330 Process Building.
X-330 Process Building on October 15, 1953
Base plates and compressors in the X-330 on October 16, 1953
Scaffolding work at the X-330
X-330 Process Bay on December 7, 1953
X-330 cell floor showing installations as of December 7, 1953
December 14, 1953 view of the X-330 cell floor
Surge Tanks at the X-330 Process Building
Facility Aerial Photo
A cell was comprised of enrichment stages and process support equipment.
A converter is an assembly of barrier tubes used for uranium enrichment. A converter and the associated compressor used to push the UF6 through the converter are called a stage.
Electric motors were used to drive the compressors and ranged from 3300 hp rated capacity down to 15 hp.
360° view of the X-330 Process Building from the overhead catwalk that runs east to west taken in 2010
View of the NW corner of the X-330 building in 2010.
View of the SW corner of the X-330 in 2010
Tails withdrawal facility

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