X-611 Water Treatment Plant

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X-611 Water Treatment Plant Looking East from above Perimeter Road (1991).
X-611 Water Treatment Plant – Simplified Process Flow Diagram of Original Plant
X-611 Water Treatment Plant (1969) Officials from the City of Waverly visited in anticipation of the planning, construction and operation of their own local facility.
X-611 South Primary Settling Basin (right), Secondary Slow Mix Basins (bottom center), and Secondary Settling Basins (left)
X-611 North Primary Settling Basin, drained for maintenance (Access Bridge shown that leads from center of basin to northwest corner; Raker Arm also shown leading from center pillar to right side of photo)
X-611 South Primary Settling Basin, filled and in operation
X-611 Secondary Slow Mix Basin, with Sluice Gates
X-611 Secondary Settling Basins
X-611C Filter Building (Secondary Slow Mix Basin and Secondary Settling Basin in Foreground)
X-611E Chlorine Building
X-611 Lime Slakers
X-611 Polymer Addition
X-611 Control Room
X-611 Control Room
X-611 Laboratory
X-611 Primary Settling Basin Walkway
X-611 Secondary Settling Basin
X-611C Sanitary Water Pump Room
X-611C Sanitary Water Pump Room
X-611C Sanitary Water Pump Room
X-611C Sand Filter Control Room
X-611 Sand Filters
X-611E Chlorination Facility
X-611E Chlorine Tanks
X-611 Lime Storage Silos
X-611 Lime Storage Silos

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