X-710 Technical Services Building

The laboratory in the X-710 Building provided mass spectrometry analysis for determining assays of samples and analysis for minor isotopes. In addition, the laboratory provided wet chemistry and other analyses for almost any need at the plant. This included contaminants in the process gas during plant operations and environmental samples. During cleanup, the technical library in the X-710 Building contained technical information, documents, books, magazines, and reports that were needed by the various departments on site.

The X-710 Technical Services Building was expanded in 1975 with the addition of 29,697 sq ft of working area on the south end of the building. This addition made possible the relocation and consolidation of several working groups (X-100 Administration Building Computer Systems, X-105 Electronic Maintenance Building - Instrumentation Development, and X-760 Chemical Engineering Building - Materials Technology).


Built in 1953; Expanded in 1975

Building Size

109,000 sq. ft.(original); 29,697 (added during expansion)

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