X-600 Steam Plant

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East side of the X-600 steam plant prior to demolition.
Work often ran through the night to safely demolish the steam plant in a matter of 51 calendar days in the late summer of 2013. The job required 30,000 man hours to complete safely and no recordable injuries occurred.
Aboveground steam lines across plant site, carrying steam from X-600 Steam Plant for process and building heat purposes
Interior view of control room on October 17, 2012 when X-600 Steam Plant was shut down
Exterior view of the X-600 Steam Plant taken in August 2013 just as demolition begins
The crew supporting the material disposition of the X-600 posed for a photo after the last container of building debris was shipped to Oak Ridge, Tennessee in October 2013. In all, more than 11 million pounds of waste was shipped offsite resulting from the demolition of the X-600.
Interior view of boilers in the X-600 Steam Plant
X-600 Coal Pile Yard adjacent to X-600 Steam Plant. Coal was transported to Steam Plant by conveyor system to fire three boilers providing steam for use at the plant.
Exterior view of electrostatic precipitators on the X-600 Steam Plant
Exterior close-up view of west side of X-600 Steam Plant
Aerial photo taken in 2006 from the west side of the X-600 Steam Plant, showing adjoining coal pile yard
2006 aerial photo shows the east side of X-600 Steam Plant

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