X-720 Maintenance Stores Building

The X-720 Maintenance and Stores Building was centrally located near three process buildings. It was designed to: (1) permit maintenance of process and auxiliary equipment, (2) house the spare parts and expendable items needed for maintaining the equipment, and (3) provide areas for equipment testing and inspection.

  • The carpenter shop was equipped to handle maintenance and modifications to plant facilities.
  • The paint shop had equipment for painting buildings, signs, office equipment, etc. This shop included a paint vault, a bake oven, a spray booth, and brush cleaning tanks.
  • The electric shop was designed for motors and generators of many sizes (1/4 hp to 3,300 hp) to be completely overhauled. Operations included disassembly, cleaning, rewinding, replacing defective and worn parts, impregnating with varnish, bake out, assembly, inspection, test running, and painting.
  • The instrument shop restored, modified, replaced, calibrated, and tested electrical, electronic, and pneumatic instruments. These instruments included spectrometers, leak detectors, line recorders, potentiometers, telemetering devices, process control valves, radiation counters, gas analyzers, computers, and others.

    Building Size

    281,200 sq. ft.

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