X-720 Maintenance Stores Building

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Two maintenance personnel assemble a cabinet in the X-720.
X720 Southwest Aerial View
X-720 Maintenance and Stores Building Looking West at Electrical Shop (1958)
X-720 Maintenance and Stores Building Maintenance Shops (1958)
Sheetmetal Shop Fabrication Operating Console (1956)
X-720 Maintenance and Stores Building Sheetmetal Shop Area (1958)
X720 Southeast Corner of the Dock
X720 Outside Northeast Corner
X720 Inside Southeast Corner View of the Compressor Shop
X720 Compressor Turnover Pit
X720 Machine Shop Lathes
X720 Compressor Shop Seal Area
Health Physics Equipment
X720 Health Physics Posting Inserts
X720 Administrative Assistant
X720 Lay Down Area for New Pumps and Valves
X720 Motor Shop Varnish Tanks
X720 New Motors
X720 Motor Shop
X720 Motor Shop
X720 Sign Shop
X720 Sign Shop
X720 Sign Shop Operator
X720 Sheet Metal Shop Operators
X720 Sheet Metal Shop Equipment
X720 Waste Tanks
X-720 looking east from above at the Mechanical Shops

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