X-760 Building

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Site of the future X-760 building, 1953
Concrete blocks begin to go up on the building site of X-760, 1953.
Breaking ground on the building site of X-760, 1953
The steel frame of the X-760 on September, 15 1953
Concrete block masonry walls helped provide exterior support under a flat roof, October 1953
Interior view of the balcony that surrounded the entire high bay area, December, 14 1953
The 20-foot-wide west unit of the X-760 housed office, laboratory, and personnel rooms, 1954
The laboratory, located on the second floor, was used to analyze environmental samples and for chemical engineering.
The completed X-760 in 1954; it was 63 feet wide, 83 feet long, 30 feet high, and approximately 8,000 square feet. (1954)
Looking northwest at the X-760 behind the X-770 building, 2006
An aerial view of the west side of X-760, 2006
Looking at the east side of X-760 from the 9th Street and Mahoning Avenue intersection
Northwest corner of the X-760 building
Looking inside the first of two floors of the X-760, including instruments used for testing
Looking at the X-760 South Bay from the steel balcony along the dividing wall
Looking over North Bay from the second-floor balcony
Looking west from the steel balcony from one of the high bay areas
An electrical panel located on the first floor of the North Bay. Services were 480-volt, 3-phase, 3 wire circuits carried underground.
Ventilation duct work on the south exterior with the entry door to the maintenance and storage area in the foreground
Looking at the northeast corner of the X-760 in 2010
On May 25, 2010, plant personnel installed runoff collection trench around X-760 exterior prior to its demolition.
Drainage line from the corner of X-760 to FRAC tanks along 9th street prior to demolition
FRAC tanks, a type of tank trailer typically used during hydraulic fracturing at oil wells, are lined up to receive any runoff during X-760 demolition activities.
Looking east from the balcony over South Bay, 2010
Demolition begins on X-760, June 14, 2010.
Demolition of X-760 from the former location of X-770 Mechanical Testing Facility, June 14, 2010
Water suppression and demolition of X-760
Looking north at demolition of X-760 from former location of X-770 facility
Continued demolition activity on June 14, 2010, view from Pike Avenue and 9th Street

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